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Botti Shirts of London

The truth is that most shirts in the UK have been unimaginative and bland for decades. 

Botti Shirts is changing that. 

Bold words, we know, but we’re confident that you’ll love the choice of fabrics and designs and you’ll find the ideal shirt/s for you. You might even get excited about a shirt in a way that you never have before! 

Botti Shirts was founded in 2012 by Nigel Botterill and Robin Sharpe. Both men who like to dress well they were continually frustrated at having to buy all their 'nice' shirts overseas. "The UK market for 'normal' shirts is well served" says Nigel "but for the discerning gent who wants a shirt that is a little different to the norm, a shirt with an extra splash of class, then it's really really hard to find them. Until now."

 Every Botti shirt is made to measure - because off-the-shelf shirts don’t work for most men.

One size is too loose around the middle, but a size down is too short on length.

The collar is too tight but a size up makes it a tent through the body. 

Sleeve length, shoulder width, whatever daily niggles you live with at the moment, they’ll all be consigned to the past with a Botti shirt.

With a Botti shirt the fit will be perfect - everytime - because your shirts will be made from scratch, for you, to your exact measurements and for the same price, or lower, than you’d pay for a quality ‘off-the-shelf’ brand.

And, most importantly, the shirts all look brilliant.